Dubbing Studio


The new headquarters of Dubbing Brothers in Rome is located in the Trionfale district on the border with the Parco di Veio. It is the transformation of an old shed into a large dubbing establishment. Specialists in the sector take care of all technical areas.

The renovation aims to provide  common areas, both internal and external to connect and support the technical spaces.

The entrance atrium is a multiple function space: secretary, circulation, rest and refreshment. Natural lighting comes in through the large window, which gives visual continuity between the inside and the outside and  a small covered space is created outside.

A large window delimits the workers entrance, encompasses the reception and secretary space, forming a single element linked at the top by a wavy wooden frame, the metaphor of a waving film.

The furniture for the meeting rooms and the dubbing waiting rooms are contemporary, light, easy-to-maintain and leave the space visually free.

External Project:

The building façade will be in terracotta material, as are the surrounding buildings.

The ex-shed big doors will become large windows, similar to the entrance with square modules of iron and glass.

The open-air square is the projection of a corner of the building, broken up by rectangular elements, with different volumetric arrangements of green area, and equipped with wall benches for a break in the open air.

A sparse distribution of native trees completes the landscape project.