Private House

ROME, ITALY 2014-2015

The apartment is located on the top two floors of a building in the historic center of Rome.

The house on both floors has a 360 ° view, with windows and terraces overlooking the roofs and domes of Rome.

The renovation aimed  at opening and linking the spaces  connecting the living area with the terraces, and bringing the kitchen and part of the entrance, to the level of the living room thereby providing a visual and walkway continuity.

The sleeping area runs around the building atrium and the access to the rooms is a circular path, interrupted only to isolate a guestroom.

Sustainability was also the fundamental guide of the intervention. The ceilings and tiled roofs were insulated with Lis cork panels, as were the intensely sunny or not very thick external walls. The fixtures have all been replaced with new thinner ones to bring the maximum splendour of Rome inside, but above all to achieve maximum energy savings and sound insulation.

The floor is made of nailed oak slats. All furniture is custom made and hand painted by specialized decorators. Each bathroom has an intense colour dictated by different types of marble; special attention to the various colours was a fundamental request of the customer.