Private House


The house is located within farmland in the lower Tuscan Maremma. It was a typical Maremma rural house built mostly in tuff, with the drainage of 1951. After an evaluation of benefits and costs it was decided to demolish it and rebuild a completely self-sustainable class A + house

The territory is under the protection of the Superintendence of Siena, which allowed the intervention with the restriction of maintaining the volume with its characteristics, and with the only possibility of moving the new house while keeping a minimum part within the area of ​​the original project. The agricultural outbuildings were also rebuilt in the same way.

The ground floor is a large open space with views on four sides, and surrounded by pergolas covered with creepers, which invite you to experience the inside and the outside with great fluidity in the summer.

In the northern entrance, a staircase leads to the floor of the bedrooms and their bathrooms. All the rooms overlook a terrace and are softly colored.

The materials chosen are mainly biological. The masonry is made of rectified brick blocks, the entire external envelope is insulated with the ‘cork placed between two walls’ system, and the roof above the insulation is ventilated. The external plaster is in cocciopesto and the interior in lime mixed with marble aggregates. The internal floor is in cocciopesto and externally, the classic terracotta laid in uncertain work. Inside it is very pleasant with a uniformly distributed and constant temperature.

The hot water, heating and cooling system is done by a heat pump connected to a geothermal system and integrated photovoltaic panels.