School Center


The design choice was to give the new school its own independent presence from the existing middle school, with its own role and character within the school complex, connected to the existing building by a nucleus where common foreseen structures: the canteen, the gymnasium and the multipurpose room.

The orientation axis of the elementary school is different from the existing one, and strengthens the distinction between the two units. Instead, the landscape project unites the two schools, forming a single school, cultural and social center.

The school develops over two floors, with three well-defined areas, two of which intend for teaching and one intends for supporting infrastructures.

The entrance hall is the distribution pivot of the aforementioned areas. In the atrium, a ramp connects the two floors, which in addition to its functional role is an architectural element that invites the perception of space in a single whole.

The criterion of the project is the flexibility and usability of the spaces. The access to the classrooms is from a large space, with a multifunctional character intended for various intercycle activities, group work, exhibition, reading and even recreation and play on rainy days.

The concept of all is open spaces, equipped with direct natural lighting in continuous visual contact with the outdoors and nature.