School Complex


The School Complex is located next to the Central Park of Follonica and is surrounded mainly by a residential area; its presence completes and requalifies the area, creating a strong link with the existing park.

The design choice is to strengthen the GREEN context by interacting in an organic way to form together a large and lively space.

The Park’s green arena was the inspiration for the creation of a second arena around which the project developed. The sinuous and organic shape of the building fits into the paths of nature and dialogues with it through its wooden and glass facades.

The spaces inside have an intense relationship with nature, they are large and interconnected for flexible and creative use by both teachers and pupils.

The schools have separate entrances. Once inside, pupils and teachers can move freely between the two schools and have access to common facilities: classrooms for artistic and technological teaching, library, gymnasium and lecture hall auditorium.

The library, the gymnasium and the lecture hall are autonomous but connect with the two schools and also have public access.

The building is entirely designed in wood. From a construction point of view, the project aims to use eco-friendly materials and technologies.

Excluding the reinforced concrete foundation, the load-bearing structure uses X-lam panels and a portal system in laminated wood.

The external walls have thermal and acoustic insulation with mineral fiber and finishing in vertically laid larch strips, which adapt to the curvilinear course of the building.

The roof is a green mantle and provides the recovery of rainwater for sanitary use, cleaning and irrigation.

The windowed components will be such as to reduce heat loss and allow heat recovery from solar radiation. The heat-insulating windows perform both tasks.

The air conditioning will be with low temperature radiant systems. Through a single user interface it is possible to manage the comfort of the rooms, from winter heating to summer cooling, including air exchange and humidity control.